2020 Lockdown- The wee mud hut and me

Life before lockdown in the wee mud hut wasn’t too different to life during it. As it’s at my home, I don’t have to worry about commuting or working irregular hours. That’s the same. The differences now include focussing on work when you have days of anxiety and uncertainty like many people are experiencing right now. I don’t have my usual peaceful solitude as with the beautiful weather we have been having(mother earth is healing…..for now…), I’m surrounded by families in gardens being loud and I guess surviving in their own way. I find it difficult to create in chaos. I like calmness and peacefulness.

So I have been allowing myself to create where possible. Mostly bespoke orders from my wonderful customers which I am forever grateful for. I could probably do more but sometimes when you push yourself to be creative, it doesn’t flow right.

I’ve not been able to run my pottery workshops or do tuition but hopefully this will pick up in the near future and I can share my passion for pottery once again.

I’m fortunate to be going through lockdown with my 2 amazing children. This has been the biggest bonus for me during the pandemic. We support each others highs and lows and I love having them all to myself. Probably rather selfishly but knowing that Lucy moves away to university in September and Lucas will have his own future agendas, I am totally thankful for this time.

Going to see my dad who I still care for from a distance is very sad. I want to hug him…..I want to take him for our regular coffee trips and I want to be with him. Especially at this time in his life. I don’t want him to be alone. It’s difficult when you witness people not adhering to lockdown rules like the majority of us do and not caring enough to stop this continuing. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking.

So I think lockdown has given me time to think. Time to reflect. Time to let my mind adjust. I know for definite that The wee mud hut will go on. However I know that this is not it’s final destination. My creative future lies somewhere more remote. Somewhere more tranquil and inspiring. Somewhere that I can create and perhaps offer more than just occasional workshops. The future looks bright as the saying goes.

So in the midst of sorrow and struggle and anxiety, I will continue trying to create and plan a better future for the wee mud hut and me.

Stay safe, Julie x