In December 2018, the wee mud hut received an amazing gift! Thanks to Theo Paphitis and his Small Business Sunday, I was chosen as one of his small business winners! This is an incredible boost for small businesses and I am thrilled! Theo retweets your business post thus generating loads of new followers and business and also includes you in his small business website. The cherry on the cake is the invitation to join all #SBS winners in Birmingham to meet Theo, receive your certificate, network all day and learn from business leaders.

It was an extremely worthwhile trip! Working by myself it felt so good to be acknowledged and to network with lots of other small businesses. There were information stalls,1:1 sessions, guest speakers, food & drink and Theo did a terrific presentation too! He also had Sir Tom Hunter in conversation which was totally inspirational! Then all newbies got to meet Theo for a photo opportunity which was brief but hey he’s a busy man!

Now being part of the SBS family means continued support and networking and the opportunity to join everyone again, plus new businesses, every single year!

It’s a terrific business boost but also confidence booster and has given me more motivation to move The Wee Mud Hut forward!

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