Glazing(in layers)

Glazing bisque fired pottery takes time. Layering glazes takes even longer. I choose this method because it creates the most beautiful effects. I love it when colours merge and produce striking combinations. The options are endless! They don’t always turn out as expected, sometimes better and sometimes worse. Each firing is like a chemistry lesson so I take lots of notes!


Once you have decided on your combinations, first you prepare your bisque fired piece by wiping with a damp sponge. This removes any dust that can cause problems with glazing. Most glazes require on average, 3 layers of application. Each one is brushed on in the opposite direction from the last. So for instance, if my 1st glaze is blue……I would brush on a horizontal layer…..WAIT FOR IT TO DRY……then brush on a vertical layer……WAIT FOR IT TO DRY……then brush on another horizontal layer! This is then repeated for each colour after and the more layers you add, the longer it takes to dry. You need LOTS of patience but then……you need lots of patience for the whole process of ceramics.

Layered glazes