My wee mud hut

I thought I’d share my wee mud hut and what it’s like!

My original idea a few years ago was to have a little workshop in my garden. However I ended up going big at the start and leased a very large unit which had a café area, sofa corner, tables & chairs, 2 potters wheels and a separate kiln room. All of which I had purpose built into a big empty industrial unit! It  was a great space and I was very proud of what I created. However it didn’t take long to realise the major issue was the temperature! It was bitterly cold. As it was so big no amount of heaters made any difference and I was very difficult to function in such a cold environment. At one point I had hypothermia and knew that despite it’s growing popularity, the wee mud hut was not in the right place. I ended up having to reduce bookings because I just couldn’t work in such conditions let alone have customers do it!

So I decided to revert to my original plan and build a little workshop in my garden. It meant lots of changes to the structure of my business. I couldn’t offer in house sessions anymore as it really is a “wee” mud hut. This was quite an adjustment as I continued to be inundated with requests for lessons and tuition and parties but it was time to change things a bit.

the wee mud hut *2

I started to run workshops in different venues. Some that I organised and some that were booked for groups like Girl Guides and Scouts. This gave me more of an opportunity to create my own ceramics to sell.

I was a little torn as I did enjoy having parties and wheel tuition but after weighing up the pros and cons, I realised the way forward was  about readjusting the balance of the wee mud hut…..and the huge reduction of overheads also made it an easier decision. I am extremely proud of what I achieved in year 1 and don’t regret any of it. I think if I hadn’t started with a big space, I would always wonder what it would be like and more than likely try it later.

The wee mud hut is now a much more settled space where I can create and sell my work and still visit groups meeting lovely people and sharing the magic of pottery.  I’m happy to take a workshop to any group. Whether it’s an organised group with it’s own base or a group wanting to hire a hall for a workshop or just a group in a customer’s home…… contact me for information  at

Ladies session


Teaching little ones       
group sessions

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