Climate Control

Climate control for potters is crucial in working with clay.

As drying pottery correctly is so vitally important, the surrounding temperature affects the process. Different seasons in Scotland mean different drying times. Both have their pros and cons but on the whole it’s far easier and quicker in summer due to the warmer climate.

As pottery can’t be fired until it is COMPLETELY dry, it is obviously going to dry quicker in warmer weather. However if it dries too quickly it will crack and split. So in summer although the drying process is faster, at the start pottery needs to be covered and aired carefully.

In the colder months it takes much longer to dry pottery but it still needs careful monitoring and covering. Also, in freezing temperatures, as clay contains water, it runs the risk of freezing . This will affect the structure of clay and sadly sometimes if formed pots freeze, they may need to be scrapped.

If pottery is fired before it is bone dry, it still contains water and will explode or break in the kiln! A nightmare for potters as weeks of work can be ruined overnight as exploding pots can ruin all the pieces on the same shelf.

So all kinds of weather and temperatures change the duration and monitoring of ceramics and mean that as well as making pottery……I also have to be a weather girl! Although a lot of the time the weather reports are inaccurate sadly.

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